Why Crompton Control's services are critical for the Medical Sector

By Crompton Controls
schedule19th May 20

Wakefield-based manufacturing company Crompton Controls has been supporting the medical sector with Building Management Systems (BMS). Installed into hospitals, these systems allow users to control heating, electricity and water more easily. 

Crompton Controls is a 100% privately owned British Company that manufactures and supplies high-quality electrical equipment including standard motor starters, components and fully customised complex control solutions to a wide range of industries and market sectors.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Crompton Controls has seen a rise in orders for BMS within the medical sector. BMS is implemented into panels which are then added to the infrastructure of buildings, in order to use controls within the building more efficiently. 

However, due to the level of hospitals in need of BMS, non-critical orders for hospitals have been held back whilst others have been completed quickly. Dave Chappell, Sales Director at Crompton Controls, said:

“So far we have completed work for Epsom Hospital, through our partners, and Sancta Maria in Wales. However, others have been pushed back as non-critical due to the volume of enquiries we have received.”

Many of these enquiries have been made to refurbish the hospitals or used when the facility is being extended. 

The firm has also been supporting other critical sectors during the pandemic, by supplying control panels and equipment to the Water, Oil, and Gas industry. Talking about how this feels to be able to support the community during difficult times, Dave added:

“There is a great feeling of pride, being able to help during such difficult times when even being out of the house is a risk. We are enabling life-saving facilities to be open and running quickly, all whilst doing it on a reduced crew and still meeting demands.” 

Crompton Controls have stayed open during the pandemic to support these sectors, whilst sticking to the Government's guidelines on social distancing. The UK manufacturing firm is able to offer bespoke manufacturing solutions for almost every motor control system. 

Contact Crompton Controls today by heading to their microsite: https://cromptoncontrols.madeinyorkshire.com/.

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