We Design, Build & Supply Motor Control, Industrial & BMS Control Panel Solutions

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Specialists in Standard Starters / Control Panels / BMS Peripherals / DC Brakes / VSDs / Panel Components / Enclosures / Atex & more...

Crompton Controls is a 100% privately owned British Company that manufactures and supplies high quality electrical equipment including standard motor starters, components and fully customised complex control solutions to a wide range of industries and market sectors.      

Crompton Controls continues to innovate and respond to customer demand. This approach coupled with vast experience, an expert in house technical capability and professional sales and marketing strategy enables the business stay ahead of its competitors, be inventive and focussed on customer service.

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Services Crompton Controls Provide


Manufacture to Order

We design, build and supply a huge selection of Motor Control Equipment including our massive range of Standard Starters and DC Injection Brakes. What do you need enclosing in your box..?

Special Panel Builds

Our Systems Division offers a complete range of services from BMS Control Panel Manufacture and Electrical Drawing Services to Engraving Services and On-Site Engineering Services...

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19-21 Monckton Road, Industrial Estate, WF2 7AL
Tel: 01924 330219